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Ear Candles: Are they safe and effective?

Ear Candles: Are they safe and effective? The ear candling process is also referred to as ear coning. It involves placing a hollow candle soaked in paraffin or beeswax inside the ear.  Ear candles are a popular alternative treatment for the ear often advertised as an effective and natural way to relieve symptoms of wax [...]

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices: Helping People with Hearing and Speech Disorders ALDs are commonly categorized into four different groups - personal amplifiers, amplified telephones, TV streamers and notification systems. One of the most common disabilities across the world is hearing loss. The World Health Organization estimates that around 360 million people have some form of hearing [...]

Ear Cleaning

The Best Way to Clean Your Ears: The Audiologist-Approved Method If you have any doubts when it comes to DIY ear cleaning, we recommend seeking professional care from an audiologist instead.   You might think that you are an expert when it comes to cleaning your own ears. You may have even done it a [...]

Online Hearing Tests

Are online hearing tests any good? Online hearing tests don't provide a medical diagnosis or identify the cause of your possible hearing loss. Online hearing tests are a popular way to test your own hearing. Nowadays, everyone expects fast results. Taking a hearing test online is an attractive way to test hearing because it's free [...]

Pressure in Ear

Pressure in Ear:Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Pressure in the ear may be a bothersome or annoying feeling. You may have experienced pressure in the ear at some point, but did you know that it can be a symptom of an ear infection? Ear infections can cause pain in the head and face as well as [...]

Hearing Doctor

Hearing Doctor: What does an audiologist do? There are three types of hearing healthcare professionals, also known as "hearing doctors," each with their own set of training and expertise in audiology. There are audiologists, hearing instrument specialists and ENTs. Audiologists are trained hearing doctors required to hold either a master's or doctorate degree of audiology. [...]

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Rechargeable Hearing Aids   The design of rechargeable hearing aids creates several benefits including convenience and reliability. With regular disposable batteries, you have to remove them from your hearing aid before bedtime or overnight for fear that they will run out in the middle of the night.   Advantages of Rechargeable Hearing Aids Modern hearing [...]

The Key to Happiness

Over the course of more than 75 years of studying happiness in adults, a Harvard study has revealed the “key” to happiness.    In this study, the researchers have looked at the components which lead to happiness later in life.  The big take-away from the study has been that the strength and depth of relationships determine [...]

The Effects of Untreated Hearing Loss

Have you ever heard the phrase “Use it or lose it?” This phrase is particularly applicable to those who have hearing loss, use hearing aids, or have difficulty understanding speech. Individuals with untreated hearing loss may be at risk of auditory deprivation, or lack of auditory-brain stimulation. Auditory deprivation happens when hearing loss affects the [...]


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