The Truth About Ear Wax Removal

You need to be careful about what ear wax removal products you use. We recommend going to a hearing clinic– where all of the tools and techniques necessary for safe earwax removal are accessible.

Earwax is a natural substance that can build up in the ears and cause hearing problems. It also has antibacterial properties, which can help prevent the growth of bacteria in the ear canal. But if it builds up too much, it can cause hearing problems and affect how well you hear.


If you’re planning on doing some ear wax removal, you need to be careful about what products you use. You don’t want to make your problem worse by using the wrong product or technique. That’s why we recommend going to a hearing clinic, where hearing health experts can facilitate a safe ear wax removal procedure.

The Truth About Earwax

People often think that ear wax is dirty and needs to be cleaned, but the cerumen actually serves as a protection against bacteria. When it isn’t allowed to do its thing, it can actually cause problems. Think of the ear canal as a self-cleaning oven – wax falls out when the outer layer of skin sheds.

Of course, too much earwax or cerumen is not healthy. One of the more extreme side effects of too much earwax is temporary hearing loss and infections. This is because, as wax builds up in your ears, it can block your ears and prevent natural self-cleaning from taking place.

A few people may need cleaning if they produce wax that builds up in their ears and blocks the sound waves from reaching your inner ear. This is more common for people with smaller than average ear canals or soft tissue in their outer ears. If it isn’t taken care of, it could lead to hearing loss and even infection.

Impacted Cerumen

Ear cleaning drops may not be enough if you have too much earwax or an impacted cerumen (where there’s a firm wax plug blocking off part of the ear passage).

There are a few conditions where ear wax plugs your ears and invalidates the ear drops, preventing them from reaching their goal of unclogging the ears. If you have too much oil in your ears or impacted cerumen, we highly encourage you to go to a hearing clinic.

If the clogged earwax is already acting like a plug in the ear, using peroxide may only make things worse. Why? It’s because you’re only softening the plug when what you really need is to DISSOLVE or REMOVE it. Think of the softened plug as a wall of mud that can make more mess inside the ear.

When to see a doctor about a clogged ear

Ear wax can be troublesome, but it’s usually more annoying than dangerous. If you have difficulty hearing or your ear is painful, consult a doctor.

For minor ear blockages, there may be a treatment available right on the spot. If not, audiologists or ENTs can use operating microscopes to magnify inside the ear canal and vacuum out the wax.

A clogged ear can be caused by a variety of conditions, including an infection that is affecting the inner ear. This condition may require medication or surgery to properly treat you and reduce your risk of permanent hearing loss.

Remedies to avoid

Do not insert a cotton swab into your ear canal.  Ear wax may be pushed deeper inside, even risking a ruptured eardrum.  Scratching the ear canal can transfer dirt and bacteria, leading to  infection. 

Also, stay away from ear wax removal candles. These ear candles are not FDA-approved, clearly don’t work and may just end up burning you or the inside of your ears.

Ear wax and Hearing aids

Hearing aids and earwax don’t mix – that’s a fact!

Hearing aid users have to be diligent about removing excess earwax, which can become messy and clog up the hearing aid circuitry. 

Some people think that wax buildup doesn’t present a problem, but wax can easily cause a blockage of soundwaves, as well as cause discomfort. 

Ear Wax Removal Massachusetts

Earwax is a natural, necessary product of the ear’s self-cleaning system. Without it, you would be more prone to infections and excessive dryness in your ears. However, sometimes earwax buildup becomes excessive or an infection occurs due to overproduction of wax. 

There are a number of safe and natural ways to remove this substance at home but these treatments should only be used for mild cases. If symptoms don’t subside after one week or if you still continue to feel pain or hearing loss, it’s time to seek professional help.

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