Hearing Aid Benefits

Advances in digital technology make hearing aids work better, adapt faster and feel more comfortable than ever before. Recent research has shown that well-fit hearing aids improve quality of life and may help prevent memory and cognitive decline by keeping people engaged and stimulating the hearing and language areas of the brain. We know that adopting hearing aids earlier in the hearing loss can make it much easier to adapt to your new way of hearing.

Most people first notice difficulty hearing in noisy situations. Today’s advanced hearing aids are little computers that are programmed to compensate for your hearing loss and can improve the clarity of your hearing in noisy situations and with multiple talkers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a hearing aid?

Often, those around you will notice your signs of hearing loss before you do. We highly encourage everyone aged over 50 to take a baseline hearing evaluation. Take our hearing quiz here or schedule an appointment with us!

Why do I need two hearing aids?

If you have hearing loss in both ears we recommend two hearing aids. Our
brain is wired for sound from both ears, using two aids makes it much
easier to hear in noise and with less fatigue. Two ears are how we tell
where sound is coming from which is important for safety.

I tried a hearing aid before, how do I know this time it will work?

Many people who have been unsuccessful in the past find that we can help them. We provide the support and guidance along the way to make sure that you are successful. In many cases we can offer a free two-week trial to you so can experience better hearing at home, at work and socially. After purchase you still have a 30 day return period with a full refund, less a $200 fitting fee, if you are not satisfied.

Do you service hearing aids purchased elsewhere?

Yes. We suggest you call for a free consultation appointment to meet us and describe your needs.

Does insurance cover hearing aids?

We do accept and direct bill most insurance. Unfortunately, although hearing aids are medically necessary most insurance does not cover them. We will check your insurance and work with you to come up with a plan within your budget. We offer 12 months no interest financing and low monthly payment lease options. Our affiliate, the North Shore Hearing Foundation, provides hearing aids for those of low income who would otherwise go without.

Do you provide custom ear impressions and earmolds?

Yes, we can make custom earmolds for hearing protection and recreational use. We also provide the specialty ear impressions to make custom music monitors.

Hearing Aid Brands

At Atlantic Hearing Care, we can fit and service most brands of hearing aids, working with all the top national brands to accommodate various hearing needs and lifestyle requirements. We partner most closely with brands and manufacturers that we feel support us in the way that we, as professional audiologists, want to support out patients. If you purchased your hearing aids elsewhere, we can still be of service with our comprehensive service plans.

Hearing Solution Styles

Style and features are recommended for you with your unique needs in mind. We will partner with you to find the best solution to fit your needs.

Receiver In The Canal

Combines natural sound and comfort with great cosmetics. Over 75% of our patients choose this style of hearing aids. This style is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss and is especially helpful to those with hearing loss in the high frequencies. These are very discrete, comfortable and light weight. They often have blue tooth connectivity for phones, computers and TV, are moisture resistant and are now rechargeable in many levels of technology. For those with greater hearing loss or retention issues we attach a custom ear mold.

In The Ear

These hearing aids can range in size depending on the needs and cosmetic preference of the user.  They are typically most appropriate for those with mild to moderate hearing loss, they are not appropriate for severe hearing losses.  In the largest style, the hearing aid fills the exterior of the ear canal and concha bowl.  These hearing aids can typically offer options such as rechargeability and bluetooth connectivity.  The moderately-sized and ultra-small in-the-canal style hearing aids typically can not offer rechargeability or bluetooth.  This style of hearing aid uses a disposable battery that needs to be changed routinely.  In the ear hearing aids can be more prone to damage from moisture and ear wax.

Behind The Ear

The traditional style of hearing aids are a great choice for those with severe to profound hearing loss or significant moisture issues. These are also what we usually fit for children because they are the most robust and only the soft plastic ear mold needs to be changed every few months as they grow. These offer rechargeability and Bluetooth features.

Cochlear Implants
CI photo

As hearing loss progresses, even the most powerful hearing aids may no longer provide benefit for daily conversations, phone calls, or TV. Cochlear Implants are surgically implanted medical devices that replace the function of the inner ear (cochlea) and are designed to mimic natural hearing. Cochlear Implants have been used for over 30 years and could make a big difference in your hearing clarity and confidence.  Many people go from being unable to identify words to being able to follow a conversation in as little as six months. We provide the specialized testing to determine candidacy and refer you to a local surgical center. Activation occurs a month after surgery. We are with you every step of the way to program your device and to help you adapt to the new way of hearing.

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