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Our why is to help you participate fully in life through better hearing. Here’s how we do that.


The first step in any treatment plan is to have a basic hearing evaluation. Results of the evaluation reveal the type, degree and nature of your hearing loss.

Additional tests look at how your ears and brain process information, how you tolerate and hear in noise, and how much effort you put into hearing. This approach helps us select and program the best hearing support for your success.


Results of your hearing profile using the hearing evaluation and lifestyle assessment are used to select the best style, features and level of technology for you to try. We follow best practice of performing real ear measurement to adjust the hearing aids while programming for your maximum hearing benefit across multiple listening situations. We work with you over several sessions as you adapt to the new way of hearing. We are with you every step of the way with guidance and support.


When even the most powerful hearing aids are no longer beneficial we provide the specialized evaluation needed to determine if a cochlear implant is indicated. If results suggest you are a candidate we refer you to a specialty ear surgeon for the implant, which is generally a day surgery. You return to us within about a month for activation of your device and to begin the process of relearning to hear!


We follow the Progressive Tinnitus Management Approach used in the VA. The majority of people living with tinnitus also have hearing loss, usually in the frequency region of their tinnitus. The first step is to have a hearing evaluation and assess if using hearing aids could reduce the annoyance of tinnitus. We can also customize tinnitus masking programs in hearing aids to retrain your brain to reduce tinnitus annoyance. We also recommend material and resources on relaxation techniques.


The process of retaining your brain to adapt to hearing aids and cochlear implants does not happen overnight. You may require additional training and support resources. We can share some printed and online materials.


Our Total Listening Care program includes office visits and supplies to keep you hearing at your best and routine maintenance checks of your devices to protect your investment. When necessary, we will re-evaluate your hearing and re-program your devices to match current hearing requirements. We offer service plans for hearing aids purchased elsewhere and can typically service most types and brands of aids.


This test will help detect signs of hearing loss and the results will determine if you need to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors for further examination.

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