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Why do I get so many mailings offering specials on hearing aids?

You are probably in the “right” age group” for mass mailings!

Patients often call us for advice because they are confused by all the mailings offering discounts and specials on hearing aids.   We no longer participate in most of the “third party” Medicare Advantage plans, including TruHearing and Hearing Care Solutions because we were not able to provide our customary level of care or offer a free two-week trial as a test drive in daily activities.

We will check your insurance benefits for you.  Often these plans do not actually offer a funded benefit (do not pay towards a hearing aid purchase) and limit the choice of hearing aids, warranty and the number of office visits for ongoing service and support.

As a comparison, we have many choices and price points to meet every budget. We emphasize hearing care for all which includes direct billing insurance, offering financing through Care Credit and Allegro Leasing and referral to our non-profit for people of low income.  Purchasing directly from us includes five years of batteries and supplies, recalls for ongoing cleaning and service every six months, unlimited office visits and extended warranties.  We know that our professional expertise with selection and programming are as important as the device itself for hearing success!

How much do hearing aids cost?

The cost of hearing aids depends on the level of technology, which is another way of saying how much listening support the hearing aids give you, as well as the services and ongoing support that are included with the purchase.  We do not quote prices over the phone because we don’t know what you need until we review your hearing test results and understand your listening needs. We will always give you a range of solutions to fit your budget and hearing needs. Our most popular pricing includes our Total Listening Care plan with extended warranties, unlimited office visits, and five years of batteries and supplies. We also offer a one-year plan which includes one year of office visits and supplies.

We emphasize hearing care for all which includes direct billing insurance, offering financing through Care Credit and Allegro Leasing and referral to our non-profit for people of low income.  We believe no one should be denied good hearing because of an inability to pay for hearing aids.

Does insurance cover hearing aids?

Although hearing aids are medically necessary, they are usually NOT covered by insurance.  Exceptions are Medicaid and certain commercial carriers. We will always check your insurance benefit for you and we usually can bill the insurance directly.

Beware of claims of “discounts” associated with some Medicare advantage plans, these plans generally do not have a “funded” benefit (meaning the insurance pays toward them) and may restrict where you can go and what you can get. We do not participate in these plans.

What are the best hearing aids?

Most of the major manufacturers have great hearing aids. We are an independent Audiology practice, we are not owned or contracted to any specific manufacturer and can chose the best hearing aids from the best manufacturers for your individual needs.  We chose to work with manufacturers who have great products and give us great customer service so that we can pass it on and take great care of you!  The best hearing aid is one that meets your needs and that you wear all day every day!

How do I know if I need a hearing test?

Hearing loss usually happens gradually and is invisible, often others will notice it before you do!  We recommend a baseline hearing evaluation for everyone over age 50.  If you are having ringing or buzzing in your ears, having difficulty hearing in background noise or it seems like everyone is mumbling, you should have your hearing checked. Take this online hearing screening  to see if you or a loved one should have a hearing test.  Treating hearing loss early helps you stay connected to those you love!

Why do I need to see an Audiologist?

Atlantic Hearing practices real ear measurement to ensure that our patients get the very best performance from their hearing aids.

Audiologists are specialists in the evaluation and non-medical treatment of hearing loss, including hearing aids and cochlear implants. Audiologists will check for potentially treatable medical conditions and refer you to medical specialists if needed. Getting hearing help is so much more than just picking out a hearing aid. We start most new patients with an evaluation by an Audiologist. Our team includes Audiologists and hearing instrument specialists working together to help you adjust to the new way of hearing and making sure that you will be successful!

Real ear measurement is a ‘best practice’ in hearing aid fitting where measurements are taken with the hearing aids on your ears to make sure they are set for your best hearing over a variety of listening situations.  Unfortunately, at audiology clinics across the country we know this service is offered less than half the time and even then people can end up with poorly fit devices. At Atlantic Hearing Care we are dedicated to real ear measurement at every fitting and ensuring that each patient obtains their best possible hearing.

Why choose Atlantic Hearing Care ?

Hearing care is more than being fit with a hearing aid.  As independent audiologists and hearing instrument specialists we carefully select and program the best hearing aids for your unique needs. We offer a free trial so you can try hearing aids at home, at work and with friends.  We make customer satisfaction our top priority, we are proud that over 90% of our patients and their families would recommend us to someone with hearing loss.

Our team at Atlantic Hearing Care wants you to enjoy the best listening experience, which is why we are driven to stay updated with the best technology in our clinic to offer you a wide range of hearing solutions to cater to your specific hearing requirements. Call us, we are here to help!

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