Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon offers a wide range of high quality hearing aid models with the newest technology to help you hear your very best.

Oticon Hearing Solutions

At Atlantic Hearing Care we want to make better hearing easy and enjoyable! That’s why we offer personalized care from our expert team of professionals who will guide you through every step of the process, from consultation to selection, fitting and ongoing support and maintenance. We will help you choose the best hearing style and features of hearing aids from the top hearing aid brands, including Oticon.

With a wide range of styles and features, we’ve got something for everyone – from those who want invisible hearing aids to those who want all the features and benefits of the behind the ear receiver in canal styles.  And because we know that every person has different needs, we offer a variety of features and technology price points so we can select what works best for you. One of the many hearing solutions that we offer are Oticon hearing aids.

We want to make better hearing easy and enjoyable! That’s why we offer personalized care from our expert team of professionals who will guide you through every step of the process, from consultation to selection, fitting and ongoing support and maintenance.

Oticon is a world leader in the development of innovative technologies for people with hearing loss. Oticon’s solutions are designed to help you hear and communicate better, so you can enjoy life more fully. Oticon hearing aids are among the world’s most advanced. They use cutting-edge technology to help you hear better, live better and connect with others more easily.

 These products are designed to fit your lifestyle so that you can do everything you want to do—from enjoying a conversation over dinner with friends or listening to music in the car, to watching TV at home or using your phone while commuting.

Oticon believes everyone should have access to the best hearing solutions available today. That’s why Oticon has a dedicated research facility committed to research and development, as well as making their products affordable and accessible for all people who need them.

If you’re in Massachusetts and want to see how Oticon hearing aids can improve your life, call or visit us at Atlantic Hearing Care. We have clinics in Swampscott and Peabody.

Oticon More

Did you know that untreated hearing loss can contribute to memory decline?  Although sound comes to our ears, we actually hear with our brains!  

Oticon More with BrainHearing™ technology is the newest technology that gives the brain up to 30% more of the necessary information it needs to make better sense of sound.

This means you will have as much as 15% better speech understanding with less effort, which can support your ability to remember more.  

With these new devices you can easily connect to your TV and can catch a sporting event, show or movie with your friends and family again.

The rechargeable battery lasts all day  so you can enjoy direct streaming from iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ devices. Regaining everyday things like talking on the phone or listening to music makes a big impact on your quality of life. 


Oticon Own

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to hearing aids. Oticon Own is made to meet your needs — offering you hearing aids made to fit your ear shape as well as your lifestyle — customized entirely for you.

Oticon Own is the world’s first in-the-ear hearing aid with an on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN). What does this mean? Technology that provides you access to more sound and reduces listening effort. The DNN is trained on 12 million real-life sounds to give your brain more of the information it needs to make sense of sounds. This means that even when you’re in a complex listening environment — like a restaurant, or a meeting at the office — Oticon Own will help you navigate what you need to hear, and reduce your listening effort, so it’s easier for your brain to take on other tasks.


Oticon Xceed

Today, hearing aids have been able to provide speech clearer and more easily for people with severe to profound  hearing loss. Oticon Xceed goes even further, delivering unparalleled levels of speech clarity and intelligibility for those with significant hearing loss.  This hearing aid is powered by the  Velox S™ platform, which provides 2x better battery life compared to its predecessor (15 hours instead of 7). The xceed has the ability to stream bluetooth to a variety of devices.

Plus, it features BrainHearing™ technology to actively analyze all surrounding sounds, not just what you want to hear; then prioritize speech for better clarity in background noise.


Oticon Zircon

The Oticon Zircon is an essential line of technology with many features of the OPNs, including rechargeability and bluetooth connectivity. This rechargeable hearing aid has great cosmetics,  feels comfortable  and instantly improves your speech understanding. Designed for the digital future, they stay connected so you can connect with your environment, hear conversations clearly and manage noise distraction without effort. 


Oticon CROS

Oticon CROS is compatible with the More line of hearing aids to improve single sided deafness and as a BICROS hearing aid to pick up sound from the side of an ear with no hearing.  

The Oticon CROS aid will help reduce social isolation by helping you to  communicate freely with group conversations.  Oticon CROS features discrete sound control with wide dynamic range resulting in a more natural sounding environment – now it’s easier than ever to communicate and participate in conversations.

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Oticon Play PX

Bringing sound to life, Oticon Play PX provides children with 360-degree access to sounds in their world and helps them distinguish meaningful speech in their everyday activities. The OpenSound Navigator™ technology improves understanding of speech in environments that are noisy and where multiple speakers may be speaking. The OPN Play comes in a variety of standard as well as fun colors to make hearing aid use enjoyable for children.

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Oticon Hearing Aids – Swampscott and Peabody, MA

Hearing care is more than being fit with a hearing aid.  As independent audiologists we carefully select and program the best hearing aids for your unique needs. We offer a free trial so you can try hearing aids at home, at work and with friends.  We make customer satisfaction our top priority, we are proud that over 90% of our patients and their families would recommend us to someone with hearing loss. 

Our team at Atlantic Hearing Care wants you to enjoy the best listening experience, which is why we offer the best technology, like Oticon hearing aids, in our clinic that have unique features and power levels to meet your needs. Hear the difference Oticon can make in your life.

If you’re in Massachusetts and would like to know more about the different models of Oticon hearing aids, please call us at Atlantic Hearing Care. We have clinics in Swampscott and Peabody. We are here to help you!

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