Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron hearing aids are made with high-quality materials and offer a wide variety of styles to meet your needs.

Unitron’s Advanced Sound Management Technology uses two microphones in each earpiece – one at the front and one at the back – that help filter out unwanted noise or amplify sounds around you.

Unitron Moxi

Unitron Moxi has an eye-catching style and high quality sound. Below are its top models:

Unitron Moxi Move R

The Moxi Move R comes with a free headset and comfortable earbuds. It has Bluetooth capabilities, 7 hours of battery life, voice feedback system (text-to-talk), digital directional microphones for echo cancellation and low distortion speakers. 

The Moxi Move utilizes both soundcore technology so you can understand the deeper meaning in conversations as well as amazing bluetooth capabilities and great battery life.

Unitron Moxi Move R

Unitron Moxi Kiss

Moxi Kiss is a smart hearing aid that records usage data on hours of use per day, time spent in each program and listening environment, as well as volume changes. This unique device stores this information for easy replay at the follow-up appointment with your hearing health care provider. The collected information helps fine-tune decisions and offers users counseling to achieve their best possible experience with Moxi Kiss.

Unitron Moxi Jump R

Moxi Jump R is powered by SoundNav 3.0, automatically identifying and classifying distinct hearing environments. Its sound conductor dynamically balances features to provide speech understanding, comfort, and efficiency. It also has audio filtering algorithms designed with Moxi’s patent-pending acoustic resilience and directionality. 

Unitron Moxi Jump R NG
Unitron Moxi Now PNG

Unitron Moxi Now

Moxi Now can take your listening experiences and turn them into personalized client updates. The Dynamic Spatial Awareness revolves around a room projection that has been recognized for giving cues in any environment. With Speech Focus, you will be able to understand speech from any direction no matter what the technology level may be.

Unitron Moxi All

The Unitron Moxi All’s Pinna Effect considers the placement of the unit in your ear canal, and it is sensitive to the curvature of your outer ear (pinna). It recharges wirelessly through a base station or using its USB-based charging cable.

Unitron Moxi All png
Unitron Insera Full Shell PNG

Unitron Insera Full Shell

Unitron Full Shell hearing aids offer excellent sound quality and customization to individual needs. They let you experience music as it should by automatically switching both hearing instruments to one of three special music programs when music is detected. Each program adjusts the hearing aid’s amplification based on the type of music reproduced.

Unitron Moxi Jump R T

The Moxi Jump RT runs on the Unitron Discover and Discover Next platform. The hearing aid domes react to sound for accurate classification of environments- delivering superior performance at all times.

Unitron Moxi Jump R T PNG
Unitron Stride P Dura PNG

Unitron Stride P Dura

The Unitron Stride P Dura SoundNav automatically identifies and classifies each of the following distinct environments for their sound level. Its Dynamic Balance Technology seamlessly balances features to provide optimum speech understanding, comfort and natural sound.

Unitron Moxi Fit

Moxi Fit offers discreet sound suppression for the speech you want to hear and an expansion of naturalistic sounds. Users will enjoy clearer sonority with the soft speech lift feature that lifts up inaudible low frequencies from partial phrases.

Unitron Moxi Fit PNG
Unitron Stride M p

Unitron Stride M

Unitron’s adaptive feature, Natural Sound Balance, helps to minimize the attenuation and distortion of sound that can be experienced with hearing instruments. With over 40 years of innovation in technology and listening experience for people who are deaf or have severe impairments, the Unitron Stride M offers a full range of prescriptive hearing instruments to help you find the best fit for your needs.

The Active Noise Control (ANC) technology on these devices suppresses undesirable frequencies such as engine noise from buses or trains that can cause temporary discomfort when wearing hearing aids.

Unitron Shine Rev+ P

Unitron’s Shine Rev+P accurately records usage data on topics such as hours of use per day, time spent in each program and listening environment, as well as volume changes. In order to develop the appropriate hearing care plan for you, audiologists will take this information from your hearing devices after decoding it via Unitron TrueFit fitting software which is available at the follow-up appointment. Audiologists can then use this information to support your fine tuning decisions.

Unitron Shine Rev+ P p
Unitron Moxi Dura P

Unitron Moxi Dura

Unitron’s Moxi Dura is a small, light-weight hearing device that provides the digital technology and features only found in much larger high-end hearing aids. It is powered with Binaural MyMusic which can automatically switch both hearing aids to a dedicated program when music is detected so music sounds as it should. 

The Automatic Adaptation Manager allows for an automatic and smooth adjustment period for the wearer, providing the best possible first fit acceptance combined with maximum long-term benefit for speech understanding. Its microphone captures human voice better than any other behind the ear aid.

Unitron Insera CIC

The Unitron Insera CIC gets more clarity out of your speech and sounds. Units are personalized, programmed for the individual and set to personal hearing preferences. 

Unitron Insera CIC p
Unitron Max SP p

Unitron Max SP

Max SP addresses the challenges for localization in challenging environments. Its Bass Enhancer has increased output in the low frequencies to restore cues associated with localization and wayfinding for individuals who have a preference for extended-low frequency sound. 

Unitron Insera Canal/Half Shell

The Insera Canal/Half Shell is customized for your individual needs by providing a microphone in each ear and amplifying the incoming sound so it becomes audible. 

It has high-quality sound, which can be changed with access to over 130 programs. There’s no need to remember settings or struggle with separate controls. The Binaural MyMusic feature automatically switches both hearing aids to a dedicated program when music is detected so that music sounds as it should.

Unitron Insera Canal-Half Shell p

Unitron Stride P R

Stride P R is a life changing approach to wearable hearing technology. IntelliVent is unnumbered and solves technical issues caused by public ventilation design. The Stride P R Duolink adjusts volume and program changes in both hearing aids for real-time, individualized sound adjustment. This results in improved speech understanding resulting in boosted confidence levels around personal socializing activities.

Unitron Shine Rev+ M

The Unitron Shine Rev M microphone with sound conductor maximizes speech understanding, comfort and natural sound quality. Unitron’s APEX processing power records usage data on topics such as hours of use per day, time spent in each subject area or pause history

Unitron Shine Rev+ M P
Unitron Insera IIC P

Unitron Insera IIC

The Unitron Insera IIC’s Binaural Phone capability automatically streams audio from the phone ear to the non-phone ear, allowing for binaural hearing while on a landline or mobile phone. Its Pinna Effect considers the location of the hearing instrument microphone and adjusts its microphone response to recreate the natural ability of external ear collecting sound. 

The Natural Sound Balance constantly monitors the environment and dynamically reduces undesirable noise artifacts like background traffic, being intelligible even under extreme listening conditions.

Unitron Hearing Aids Massachusetts

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