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How can you improve your hearing?

Hearing is an essential part of human communication. We may perceive the environment surrounding us through sound thanks to our sense of hearing. We often take this particular sense for granted since it gathers, processes, and interprets sounds without our conscious effort, similar to blinking or breathing.

If hearing has been lost or compromised, it could be difficult to recover it. As audiologists, our patients usually ask us for tips on how to improve hearing. In this blog post, we’re going to share simple tips on how you can enhance and protect your hearing.

Decrease the loudness.

One easy technique to enhance and safeguard your hearing is to keep the level as low as you can. If the noise level around you is 85 dB or above, you might want to walk away from the source. Always wear hearing protection to prevent severe and irreversible hearing loss.

Avoid getting earwax impaction.

Even while earwax is a natural biological secretion, your hearing may be affected if you have too much wax in your ears. You may not be as sensitive to sounds as you normally should be if ear wax is blocking your ears.

If you believe that earwax is the root of your hearing problems, it might be best to see an audiologist. Never try to remove impacted earwax on your own as this might cause additional problems. Earwax removal is best to be professionally performed by an audiologist or otolaryngologist (ENT), and in most circumstances will immediately improve the condition of your ears.

Maintain an active lifestyle.

Both the health of your heart and ears are improved by exercise. Exercise is known to help boost blood flow to the ears. Regular jogging or walking may considerably boost blood flow, which can improve your hearing.

With increased blood flow, the microscopic hair cells in the inner ear have more favorable conditions to effectively transmit signals to the brain for interpretation.

Exercises in yoga and meditation.

Focus and blood flow are improved by stretching and relaxing. Your brain absorbs oxygen-rich blood in the downward dog pose, which may also improve your hearing. If you often concentrate on sounds in your daily life, you’ll grow more sensitive to them. Subconsciously, you’ll be able to pick up on little sounds that you would have previously ignored.

Make use of hearing protection.

The most frequent and easily preventable culprit of hearing loss is exposure to loud noises. Don’t blast your ears with loud music using your earbuds or headphones. As much as possible, the listening volume should not exceed 60% to prevent hearing damage.

An audiologist can discuss the best hearing protection options for both occupational settings in addition to noisy hobbies, and provide you with custom ear protection to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Avoid sticking foreign objects in your ears.

Many people like to clean their ears with a cotton bud (Q-tip), however, this is not recommended. If you push too hard, you run the risk of damaging the ear canal or the sensitive eardrum. An audiologist can perform professional earwax removal or ear irrigation safely.

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