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Resolve to Hear Well in the New Year!

What’s the number one complaint audiologists hear from their new patients with hearing loss?  “I can hear, I always know that someone is talking, but I can’t always understand what they are saying”.  If this is what you or a family member is experiencing, you may have hearing loss. Hearing loss is a common condition and […]

Tips for Staying Safely Connected This Holiday Season

With the holidays fast approaching many people may not have the same excitement that typically comes along with the winter months. In years past, large gatherings and traveling to visit family members was something we looked forward to. This year, things may look quieter. Even if things are different, it is still important to stay […]

How to save money and get the most value on hearing aids

Two of the biggest misconceptions that people have about hearing aids is that they are all the same and that you should search for the best bargain you can find. These misconceptions are dangerous because they can guide you to devices that are cheaply made, poorly fit and less effective.  Even with a smaller budget, […]

Our Corona Response

We have developed several options for providing service so that we can keep you hearing at your best during this time of uncertainty. Atlantic Hearing Care is open during regular business hours. We are following proper infection control protocols to keep everyone safe and healthy. We do ask that you reschedule your office appointment if […]

The Ear Leads To The Heart

While a strong heart is important for your overall health, did you know that your heart also plays a big role in your hearing? In February, hearts are everywhere to celebrate Valentine’s Day. February is also American Heart Month, a time to raise awareness of the effects of heart disease, which includes an increased risk for hearing loss. How […]

Could a Cochlear Implant Help You or Your Loved One

As hearing loss progresses even the most powerful hearing aids may no longer provide benefit for conversation, phone and TV. Cochlear Implants are surgically implanted medical devices that replace the function of the inner ear (cochlea) and are designed to mimic natural hearing. Cochlear Implants have been used for 30 years and could make a big difference in your hearing clarity and […]

Over 50? Resolve to Check Your Hearing

The beginning of the New Year is the traditional time of the year when we make resolutions about self-improvement. The dawn of a new decade amplifies that tradition. As we consider resolutions in this new year, make sure getting your hearing checked by a hearing care professional is a top priority – especially if you are over 50 years […]


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