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How long will my hearing aids last?

Hearing aids are a life-changing investment for those who struggle with hearing loss. These tiny yet powerful devices can improve one’s quality of life by enhancing their ability to hear and communicate effectively. However, like any investment, hearing aids require proper care and maintenance to ensure they are functioning optimally and delivering the best possible outcomes. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of hearing aids and offer practical tips on how to make your hearing aids last so they can provide maximum benefit for years to come.

What are the top factors that affect the life of a hearing aid?

Hearing aids are intricate, compact devices that vary greatly in terms of materials, price tag, features, and function. Aside from these factors, the longevity of hearing aids can also be impacted by the following:

  • Environmental factors: Exposure to moisture, dust, and extreme temperatures can damage hearing aids and reduce their lifespan.
  • Handling: Dropping or frequently handling hearing aids without proper care can lead to physical damage and affect their functionality.
  • Battery usage: Improper battery handling and not replacing batteries regularly can impact the longevity of a hearing aid.
  • Earwax buildup: Accumulation of earwax can clog the microphone and speaker of a hearing aid, affecting its performance.
  • Regular maintenance: Routine cleaning, inspection, and professional servicing of hearing aids can help extend their lifespan.

By taking the right steps to care for your hearing aids, you can ensure that they continue to provide you with improved hearing and communication for years to come.

An audiologist can help ensure that your hearing device is in good working condition all the time.

Taking care of your hearing aids

  1. Avoid accidental drops, bumps, or knocks: Hearing aids are tiny, delicate devices. They may be small but they carry much power that can be likened to a small computer. In short, you need to be very careful in handling your hearing aids because one sudden drop or one accidental bump could make your device malfunction, or worse, it could severely damage the hearing aid.
  2. Keep away from moisture: Another major culprit for hearing aid malfunction is moisture. It could be in the form of sweat, oil, earwax, raindrops, etc. If you’re located in a humid area and tend to sweat more, your hearing aids are more susceptible to moisture accumulation. Regularly check your hearing aid for any moisture, especially in the battery drawer/compartment. If your hearing aid doesn’t come with a dryer or dehumidifier, we suggest that you purchase one to ensure that your device is clean and dry at all times.
  3. Store your hearing aids properly: When not in use, don’t just leave your hearing aids on the bedside table, on your dresser, or on top of the kitchen counter. Most hearing aids come with a protective case, so make sure you keep your device safely tucked inside. Make sure to keep your hearing aids away from exposure to direct sunlight. Keep in mind that the plastic casing or housing of most hearing aids has the tendency to melt when subjected to extreme heat.
  4. Be wary of chemical reactions: Are you frequently wearing hair products, sunscreen, lotions, or spraying on perfume? You need to be extra careful when applying sunscreen, lotions, perfume, or other products that might affect your hearing aid. When accumulated, these products can block the ports of the hearing aid and might damage some parts of the device. It’s best to apply products prior to inserting your hearing aids. Be sure to wash your hands after applying these products before touching your hearing aids.

Hearing Aids in Swampscott and Peabody, MA

To ensure that your hearing aids are always working at their optimum and to monitor any changes in your hearing, we encourage you to schedule routine follow-up appointments with your audiologist. 

If you need hearing aids or are looking for an audiologist who can expertly check your hearing aids in Massachusetts, contact us at Atlantic Hearing Care.

Our clinics are located in Swampscott and Peabody. We look forward to seeing you in our clinic!


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