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Over 50? Resolve to Check Your Hearing

The beginning of the New Year is the traditional time of the year when we make resolutions about self-improvement. The dawn of a new decade amplifies that tradition. As we consider resolutions in this new year, make sure getting your hearing checked by an audiologist is a top priority – especially if you are over 50 years old.

“Like an annual physical, dental or eye exam, a hearing test needs to be part of our routine check-ups. Good hearing is a key element of being healthy and an important contributor to our overall quality of life,” said Kate Carr, President of the Hearing Industries Association. “It increases social engagement, improves communication, lowers the risk of depression, and is part of healthy aging. Good hearing also is believed to have positive benefits on brain functioning, such as memory, and helps with our overall independence, security, and awareness.”

According to a recent survey of American consumers, fifty-four percent of those surveyed view hearing loss as a serious condition while fifty-three percent of American adults either know someone who is affected by hearing loss or know someone who wears hearing aids. Yet, for seventy- nine percent of those surveyed it has been a year or more since they have had a hearing test. Of that group:

“This points out the challenge, while most Americans view hearing loss as a serious health issue, not enough are doing something about it,” Audiologist and researcher Thomas A. Powers, PhD pointed out. “As hearing becomes more difficult, your brain has to work harder to register and comprehend what you’re listening to. This steals energy needed for memory and thinking.

Advances in digital technology make hearing aids work better, adapt faster and feel more comfortable than ever before. Recent research has shown that well fit hearing aids improve quality of life and may help prevent memory and cognitive decline by keeping people engaged and stimulating the hearing and language areas of the brain. We know that adopting hearing aids earlier in the hearing loss can make it much easier to adapt to your new way of hearing.

Take the first step to better hearing by calling us today for an evaluation.  We are here to help!



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