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Ear Cleaning

The Best Way to Clean Your Ears:

The Audiologist-Approved Method

If you have any doubts when it comes to DIY ear cleaning, we recommend seeking professional care from an audiologist instead.


You might think that you are an expert when it comes to cleaning your own ears. You may have even done it a few times, and thought that the method worked just fine. Some people will say that they never clean their ears, while others might claim that they clean them every day.

However, if you want to clean your ears in the best (and safest) way possible, there is a professional who is an expert in this area: an audiologist.

Audiologists know all about ear health and they know the best way to clean ears.

In this article, we’re going to talk about what you should do if you want your ears cleaned properly by a professional. We’ll also discuss some tips on how you can avoid doing it wrong at home, which could lead to serious (and irreversible) consequences to your ears.


Ear Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

If the earwax situation is manageable or it feels like there may be a minor earwax buildup, gentle cleaning outside the ears may suffice. In most cases, OTC earwax removal kits may be used.

Avoid inserting cotton swabs, Q-tips or ear candles in the ear canal. These items are the opposite of the best way to clean ears. If you have to use cotton swabs on your ears, just use it on the external part, not in the ear canal.

Putting a cotton bud inside the ear canal may only push the earwax deeper, making it harder to remove. This defeats the purpose of cleaning the ears because the dirt or earwax will be pushed further inside the ears.

Do not use alcohol to clean the ears. This will cause skin dryness in the ears which may lead to cracking of the delicate lining inside your ears.

If you have any doubts when it comes to DIY ear cleaning, we recommend seeking professional care from an audiologist instead. They will know what’s best for your ears.


Do you really need to get rid of earwax?

Earwax has a reputation of being dirty. Because of this, most people think that the ears need to be regularly cleaned to get rid of earwax.

But in reality, scientifically-speaking, earwax actually has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Earwax is a natural body secretion intended to protect the ears from dust, hair and small insects.

But of course, it’s all about balance and moderation. Too much earwax may block the ears and may trigger temporary hearing loss or ear infections. People with ears that produce more earwax than usual may need to get professional cleaning to avoid wax buildup problems.


Factors that could affect earwax production:

• Past ear trauma

• Ear surgery

• Recurrent ear infections

Hearing aids or deep earplugs


Entrusting Your Hearing Health to Audiologists

Audiologists are experts in the field of hearing and ear care.

They receive years of training and experience to be able to help people with their hearing needs. Ear cleaning is usually overlooked but in reality, this process is actually very vital in keeping the ears healthy and fully functional.

A professional ear cleaning done by an audiologist can help remove the build-up of wax in the ears. It removes debris that might otherwise cause problems such as hearing loss and constant ringing of the ears.

Audiologists are also able to spot any signs of infection or injury which could be detrimental to the ears if left untreated for too long.


When to see a doctor about clogged ears

Clogged ears can be a result of allergies or infection and may need treatment with an antibiotic to heal properly.

Constant ear pain is also one more sign that it might be time for the doctor’s office visit.


Hearing Clinic MA

The best way to get rid of earwax and debris is by going to an audiologist for a professional ear cleaning session.

If you’re in Massachusetts and need to get a professional ear cleaning or find a solution to your clogged ears, Atlantic Hearing Care offers a wide range of hearing care services. Call us today to schedule an appointment.



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