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Hearing Doctor

Hearing Doctor: What does an audiologist do?

There are three types of hearing healthcare professionals, also known as “hearing doctors,” each with their own set of training and expertise in audiology. There are audiologists, hearing instrument specialists and ENTs.

Audiologists are trained hearing doctors required to hold either a master’s or doctorate degree of audiology. An audiologist is a hearing doctor that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss, fitting of hearing aids and counseling.

People who have other hearing concerns like impacted cerumen, tinnitus, balance disorders, tinnitus and hyperacusis may also be treated by an audiologist.

Audiologists can also handle patients with severe hearing loss combined with another condition, such as vertigo or tinnitus. These conditions can be serious which is why consultation with an audiologist is needed to get proper evaluation and come up with an appropriate treatment plan.

Audiologists are required to take continuing education courses in order to keep up with new techniques and innovations. Audiologists may also work as teachers, researchers or directors of hearing clinics.

What’s the difference between an audiologist and an ENT?

Otolaryngologists, commonly known as ENTs are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of the ears, nose and throat.

ENTs have training in the medical treatment of ear disorders and can perform surgeries on adults and children. Otolaryngologists can perform cochlear implant surgeries for patients with severe sensorineural hearing loss.

Audiologists and hearing specialists may refer patients to an ENT if the hearing loss needs medical intervention beyond hearing aids.

Hearing Instrument Specialists

Also known as hearing aid dispensers, hearing instrument specialists can perform or administer necessary tests to determine the type and severity of hearing loss.

Hearing instrument specialists are either state-licensed to treat hearing loss through hearing aids. They can fit and dispense hearing aids as they are knowledgeable about the different levels of hearing aid technology.

Audiologists are regulated health care professionals who can evaluate, diagnose, treat and manage hearing loss and other hearing-related disorders. Hearing Instrument Specialists are college-trained professionals specifically equipped to test hearing and dispense hearing aids.

Specialized Hearing Doctors

Audiologists, hearing instrument specialists and ENTs each provide expert and specialized care to patients. These hearing doctors all work for one goal and that is to properly diagnose and treat hearing loss and other related problems.

If you think that something is off with your hearing or if you think that there’s something wrong happening inside your ears, see an audiologist right away. Audiologists can work with patients to diagnose and create a personalized treatment plan.

Finding the Right Hearing Solution

Audiologists can also help patients find the right hearing aid.

It’s important that people with chronic ear conditions or who have difficulty communicating see an audiologist regularly.

Regular hearing check-ups play a big role in keeping the ears healthy and at their optimum state. Untreated hearing loss can lead to more serious conditions like balance issues or dementia.

There are instances when hearing loss can be the result of another underlying medical condition, like diabetes or heart disease. Hence, it is highly important to get regular hearing checks to make sure that proper diagnosis and treatment will be provided. If you or a family member suspect the presence of hearing loss, seek the help of a hearing doctor right away.

Hearing Doctor Massachusetts

It’s important for people suffering from any kind of hearing difficulty – adults or children- to be diagnosed by an audiologist.  They’re trained professionals that specialize in helping diagnose issues like impacted cerumen, tinnitus, hyperacusis which can lead to more serious conditions if left untreated.

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