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Ear Candles: Are they safe and effective?

Ear Candles: Are they safe and effective?

The ear candling process is also referred to as ear coning. It involves placing a hollow candle soaked in paraffin or beeswax inside the ear. 

Ear candles are a popular alternative treatment for the ear often advertised as an effective and natural way to relieve symptoms of wax build up, congestion, sore throat, sinus problems, headaches or even tinnitus. 

However, this practice has been linked to serious side effects including burns on the external parts of the ears and damage to hearing due to hot wax melting in your ear canal. In addition, there have not been any studies done that prove ear candles actually work.

The Truth About Ear Candles

Most people use ear candles to get rid of earwax when in fact, the consistency of earwax, especially impacted earwax, can’t be removed by a simple ear candling procedure.

It would take more than ear candles to get rid of impacted earwax. A device with a strong suction would be needed to pull the earwax out.

Studies on ear candles found that there was no suction force present during an ear candling procedure. Additionally, the temperature produced by ear candles are too low to melt the wax.

In a nutshell, ear candles are not an effective solution for any ear problems. For disturbing ear problems, a visit to an audiologist would be the safe and sensible solution. 

How is ear candling done?

The ear candling process is also referred to as ear coning. It involves placing a hollow candle soaked in paraffin or beeswax inside the ear. 

When the far end of the ear candle is lit, the heat allegedly produces a suction that draws out ear wax, bacteria and debris from inside the ear canal.

What about the debris collected by ear candles after the candling procedure?

Ear candles are primarily marketed as a natural way to remove impurities from the ear. But in reality, upon closer examination, ear candles still produce those “debris” even if they weren’t used in the ears.

The “debris” of ear candles are actually a combination of fabric and burned candle wax, not earwax or other impurities inside the ear as claimed.

Ear Candles – A Health Fad

There are numerous health fads surfacing every now and then, causing a ripple among consumers and making them veer away from tried and tested solutions.

Such is the case with ear candles. 

Ear candling is one health fad that has gained some attention online because of its supposed ability to remove earwax. However, without any scientific basis, this health fad may bring more harm than good.  

Are ear candles FDA-approved?

There is no FDA approval for ear candles.

Ear candling has never been proven to be effective in  studies done by medical professionals or universities. 

Without sufficient data from a controlled study, the risks of ear candles greatly outweigh the supposed benefits (if there are any.)

The Potential Risks of Ear Candles

It is important to understand the potential risks of ear candles before you buy or use them. Consult with an audiologist if you have any ear issues or concerns. The ears are very delicate and sensitive so it’s encouraged to put safety first rather than experimenting with unproven and risky methods like ear candles.

Ear candles can cause burns to the external parts of your ears and damage hearing due to hot wax melting in the ear canal.

There have not been any studies done that prove ear candles work, which is why it’s important to consult with an audiologist for any problems concerning the ears.

Removing Earwax Safely

Earwax removal is a delicate process. While over-the-counter ear drops can be used for mild earwax problems, persistent or impacted earwax is a whole other story. 

A visit to a hearing clinic is the safest way to get rid of earwax. Audiologists have special tools and equipment to keep the ears clean and at their prime functioning levels. 

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