Walmart Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids

Are Walmart hearing aids any good? If you are tired of going through different kinds of OTC (over the counter) hearing aids, Walmart hearing aids, Costco hearing aids, online hearing aids, etc – we are here to help.   

Walmart and other over the counter hearing aids are not adjusted to your unique hearing needs based on the results of a hearing evaluation by an Audiologist. Our audiologists at Atlantic Hearing Care want to make better hearing easy and enjoyable! That’s why we offer personalized care from our expert team of professionals who will guide you through every step of the process, from consultation to selection, fitting and ongoing support and maintenance.

As Recommended by Consumer Reports

Consumer reports did a great article about buying hearing aids where they recommended people be seen by an audiologist and be sure to have “real ear measurement”.  They concluded that the process, of where you go and the expertise of who you see, is perhaps more important than the actual hearing aid. In other words, you can be successful with a variety of hearing aids as long as they are set properly and you are shown how to get the most from them.

Audiologists are specialists in the evaluation and non-medical treatment of hearing loss, including hearing aids and cochlear implants.  Audiologists will check for potentially treatable medical conditions and refer you to medical specialists if needed. Getting hearing help is so much more than just picking out a hearing aid. The expertise in programming devices and helping you adjust to the new way of hearing makes sure that you will be successful!

Real ear measurement is a ‘best practice’ in hearing aid fitting where measurements are taken with the hearing aids in your ears to make sure they are set for your best hearing over a variety of listening situations. Unfortunately this service is offered less than half the time and even then people end up with poorly fit devices.  

Our take on Walmart and OTC hearing aids

Hearing loss is a difficult and complicated issue. It can have both physical and emotional ramifications for those who live with it. We want to remind you that no matter how affordable Walmart hearing aids look at first, they may not be the right choice for your needs. Be sure to consult with an expert before deciding on a device.  

Quality hearing aids are available for every budget. Atlantic Hearing Care accepts and bills insurance for you. We have several payment options including  no interest financing, a low monthly lease program and help from our affiliate non-profit for those who are of low income.  We believe no one should be denied good hearing because of finances.

Hearing Aids Massachusetts


If you or a family member have tried different kinds of OTC hearing aids, Walmart hearing aids, Costco hearing aids, online hearing aids, without success we are here to help. Hearing care is more than being fit with a hearing aid.  As independent audiologists we carefully select and program the best hearing aids for your unique needs. We offer a free trial so you can try hearing aids at home, at work and with friends.  We make customer satisfaction our top priority, we are proud that over 90% of our patients and their families would recommend us to someone with hearing loss. 

Our team at Atlantic Hearing Care wants you to enjoy the best listening experience, which is why we offer the best technology, from a wide range of manufacturers hearing aids, in our clinic that have unique features and power levels to meet your needs.  

If you’re in Massachusetts and would like to know more about the different models of affordable hearing aids, please call us at Atlantic Hearing Care. We have clinics in Swampscott and Peabody. We are hear to help!

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